Audio & Video Editing

Ever since middle school, I’ve been involved in acting in a wide array of environments: theater, recorded performance, and improv. This has helped me foster my love and passion for storytelling and performance. Since becoming an instructional designer in 2016, I’ve increased my storytelling capabilities by adding audio & video editing to my skillset.

Below are some samples of my work in these skillsets. You can also check out more samples of my work by visiting my “Podcasts & Videos” page and my multimedia designs page (which covers how I designed videos and other multimedia pieces; however, I was not the primary editor for many of them).

PSA Video: 2019 Yes 4 Wayne

In 2019, my township was placing an education referendum on the ballot to ask its residents to keep the current funding levels for many of the programs that they provide by allowing a slight increase in property taxes ($0.35 per every $100 of assessed value). I had the idea to partner with another parent in the community to help campaign & encourage Wayne Township residents to vote in favor of the referendum. We started to work on the video two weeks prior to the vote. For this video, I was the script writer, producer, videographer, and editor. (By the way, the referendum passed.)

Audio Story: A Visit From St. Nicholas

With the help of my niece, my father-in-law, and a colleague, we created an audio story of the classic story, “A Visit From St. Nicholas” for the holiday season. This was one of the first audio stories I’ve created.

Instructional Video: Creating A Workflow For Adobe Rush

In the fall of 2019, I was asked to create a video for freshmen college students to help them think about and consider how to create a workflow process for their digital storytelling assignment in their First Year Seminar course. They were encouraged to use Adobe Rush to help edit and create their digital stories but for many of them, this was their first time putting together a video. To help with the technical aspects of how to arrange their media files before they start editing, I created this short video to help them.

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