Course Introduction Video Design

One semester I served as an instructional designer with an instructor who was teaching a math course online for the first time. In discussing his course design and layout, he planned to use videos to deliver lectures. He had never created video lectures and he did not have access to a professional video production space, so he asked for assistance from us to help him create high-quality videos and understand how they should look.

To help achieve this, I provided him instructions on how to record a video from his computer and asked him to record an introduction to the course. After he shared his video, I reviewed the footage, designed, and edited the video to produce a higher quality video for his course to show as an example. I implemented best practices regarding multimedia and learning, yet made it simple enough so that he could feel confident in creating these videos on his own if he had the desire to do so.

The playlist below provides the initial video that the instructor provided and the final product.