Exercise Videos
In the spring of 2021, I was contacted by the Wayne Township Wellness Coaches to help them with editing and producing video and podcast content for them. I've created exercise videos, lunch and learn videos, social media promotions, and podcast episodes. 
Due to the nature of our agreement, I am not able to show an entire version of their exercise video that I've created for them, but I am able to show a "demo clip" that demonstrates what kind of editing I've produced for them. 
I create a lot of fun videos with my son for our YouTube channel, "Winningham Adventures". In this video, we did a game play through of his favorite game, Sleeping Queens. I produced, recorded, and edited everything in this video (only exception is that our opener and closer are templates that I've pulled from a third party). 
What I'm particularly proud about for this video is that we originally had it set up to get video footage from above so we can cut to an overview shot when we were explaining the video. However, the video footage turned out to be so bad that it was pretty much unusable. So I had to get creative and decided to come up with using images of the cards to overlay on the video to help the viewers follow along and it turned out really well. 
Teacher Testimonials
In 2019, I was asked by the Wayne Township Education Foundation to create a video that collected a series of teacher testimonials about how their grants help their teaching classroom and why they decide to give back. I was given a collection of recordings that they created using a smartphone, and they sent it to me to put together. They also gave me the graphic at the beginning of the video and asked I place it in the video as well. I was responsible for the cutting and editing of this video. 
Teacher Testimonials 2
Similar to the video above, Wayne Township Education Foundation asked me to create multiple, short videos of teacher testimonials about how the grants helped their classroom. They provided the video footage and I was responsible for cutting and editing. I also created the custom lower third in this video using After Effects as well as the ending splash screen and transition. 
This is one video of nine. You can watch all of the videos on the Wayne Township Education Foundation's YouTube channel. 
This is a holiday that I celebrate with my family in Tennessee every two years. This year, I decided to bring my DSLR camera to capture some video footage of the event and put together a video to share with them since they have always been very kind and welcoming when we come visit them. I was responsible for all of the recording and editing for this video. You can also 
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