Online Student Onboarding Videos

I worked on a project for Indiana Univerisity (IU) Office of Online Education called “Online Student Onboarding”. This project delivered a “just-in-time” resource for students who were enrolled in 100% online programs at IU so that they were given the resources needed to be successful as an online student. I was part of a team of four instructional designers where we collaborated with our partners in the Office of Online Education to design and develop the necessary materials for their students.

As a designer for this project, I was assigned to assist one of our partners in designing the videos that were to be used for this resource. My responsibilities included working with our partner to develop the script, getting him and the actors connected to our campus video production space, providing oversight on the structure and visuals of the video, and giving feedback in post-production editing. Below is a playlist of the final videos used in the project.