Graphic Design

In the Spring of 2016, I enrolled in a course at Indiana University (IU) for my Instructional Systems Technology master’s degree program entitled “Instructional Development and Production.” This course combined the use of design principles and learning grahpic design tools in order to develop and produce instructional and training material.

The first assignment for the course was to create an infographic. I wanted to learn more about using Adobe products, so I took the opportunity with this course to learn Adobe Illustrator. The topic I chose was the health of Indiana residents compared to other states in the country. Below is a result of the final product.

The second assignment for the course was to create a job aid with the purpose to instruct learners what they need to know as a “just-in-time” resource. For this assignment, I used Adobe Illustrator again, and created a job aid based on a procedure in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) called “Functional Behavior Assessment,” which is commonly used by therapists that work with people with autism. Because of this audience, I combined the principles of a flowchart with the popular design icon of puzzle pieces that are associated with autism. Below is the final product of this job aid, which is still used by instructors at Capella University that teach graduate level courses in ABA.