Events Promotion
My client, Wayne Township Wellness Coaches, was planning to offer a number of sessions to their clients over the summer and wanted to promote those events on social media by creating a promotional video. So we agreed on creating a 60 second, square aspect ratio video (1:1).
My client sent an email that contain two videos and a request to include their email address at the end of the video. The two videos they included were videos of them speaking to the camera and clocked in at over 1:30. Based on this information, I had to improvise and get creative on producing an engaging video for them to post on social media. 
I used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to create this video. I edited the video together and used B-roll video footage and photos that I found from websites such as Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay to highlight the programs that they were promoting. I also created the custom "workout with coaches" banners that appear at the top of the video as a way to highlight which coach was paired with each program. 
Short-Form Soundbites
To help promote one of our podcast episodes from "The Captioned Life", we started to create video soundbites to post on multiple social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Twitter.  These videos highlights a certain part of the episode that we think is very interesting to help create a hook for our audience or to learn something from our episode so that they can go and listen to our podcast. 
Because of the social media platforms, we used a portrait aspect ratio (9:16) and limited to under 60 seconds. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create these kinds of videos. In this video, I was responsible for the recording, editing, graphics, captions, graphic title animation (the podcast title banner), audio, etc. I also used B-roll images to help enhance the video. The only element that I did not create is the background image, the B-roll images (I retrieved these from sites like Unsplash and Pexels) and the opening title in this video (this is a template provided from Premiere Pro).
The two videos below are audiograms that I've created for my podcast "The Captioned Life". These are common videos that podcasters create to give a soundbite of their podcast without using actual video footage. In these audiograms, I created everything using After Effects and Premiere Pro. I used layers, audio waveform effects, styles, shapes, and captions for this. The only elements that I did not create was the comics background and the text "The Captioned Life podcast".  
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