Web Development

In the summer of 2017, I enrolled in a course entitled “Computer-Mediated Learning,” where I learned principles of online learning as well as programming languages (HTML and CSS). In the course, I had to design and develop a lesson that would be delivered in a web browser. In addition to knowing how to write programming code to create a website, I also had to create a lesson that would include a pre-test and post-test to measure users’ learning after participating in the activity.

Prior to enrolling in this course, I had never learned how to write code in any programming language so this would be a significant learning curve for me. To make sure that I was able to deliver a high-quality project for my course, I planned on using most of my time practicing and understanding HTML and CSS, and to eliminate learning gaps where possible. To achieve this, I decided to create an introductory lesson on a topic I considered myself a subject matter expert in, which was the sport of ice hockey. Additionally, I used Google Forms to create my assessments (instead of programming the interface and data retrieval of my assessments) and use existing YouTube videos on the subject instead of creating new content videos from scratch.

As a result, I created my first website to deliver my online lesson on learning hockey.